Creativity begins with courage

Photo by Hannu-Pekka Peuranen

What if J.K. Rowling crumbled in fear when she finished writing the first Harry Potter book and then decided to stash the unpublished manuscript under her bed? What if she gave up after being bombarded by rejection letters? Harry Potter would have turned to dust. There would be a mysterious hole in the childhood of Rowling’s fans worldwide.

She did it anyway.

If there is one thing I learned about pursuing writing as a career, it would be to keep coming back to your soul for courage.

The rest is mechanics.

A hint of inclination can be nurtured. Writing can be learned. Resources can be easily accessed online or at the library. Traveling to find more materials or inspiration is also easier nowadays.

But there is no course that guides artists in exploring their depths. There is no single formula on how they can remain true to their expressions regardless of what others may think of them. There is no button to press to shut down the jitters that come with submitting an article or a painting for public viewing or consumption. There is no app that would reset one’s feelings after a piece of work got rejected.

It all comes back to your courage.

The kind that comes from your soul. Only the soul can mirror your thoughts and feelings. If you know what is true, then you can preserve it in your art. You will be brave enough to believe in what you can offer to the world even if there are grander works out there. You will not get tired of rising nor be scared after failing over and over.

Don’t let what’s inside be clouded by glossy distractions and unnecessary noises, even those that rumble in your head.

The soul is every artist’s weapon.

Its courage hardly dries up.


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